Thermo Fluids and Energy

Impact of Building Architecture to Thermal Comfort Level A Case Study at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

N.A.I.D.Nissanka, A.T.D.Perera and R.A.Attalage

Lumped Mass Thermal (LMT) model was used to evaluate the net heat gain to the building through solar heating, internal heat generation Effect of the building orientation, cross ventilation and special architectural aspects such as courtyards, grill design etc were evalua

Evolutionary Multi Objective Optimization to Optimize Waste to Energy Network

A. T. D. Perera, D.N.S. Kuruppumullage, N.A.I.D. Nissanka, A.A.P. de Alwis

Decision making related with Municipal Solid waste management is a challenging exercise where number of techno-economical and environment factors conflicting to each other need to be optimized. However, mathematical modeling and optimization techniques based on artificial intelligence can be used in such instances in order to support decision making. Novel multi-objective optimization algorithm based on evolutionary computation was developed carry out this task.

Estimation of View Factors for Enclosures with Multiple Surfaces

M.P.G. Sirimanna, A.T.D. Perera

 ·  View factor (form factor, shape factor, configuration factor) is an essential parameter for surface to surface radiant heat exchange formulations·  A general formulation based on vector representation and numerical procedures to estimate view factors were developed·  A computational tool which provides view factors of five surface roof enclosure  was developed based on the numerical model ·  Numerical results were compared with available analytical solution for a simple case and 1.0% error was observed for 108 iterations  


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