Academic Staff Profiles

Mr. S.W.M.A.I. Senevirathne

Department of Mechanical Engineering,
University of Moratuwa,
Sri Lanka. 10400

Tele: +94112650301 Ext 4012

Teaching and Administrative Work: 

Teaching Areas:

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Computer Aided Draughting & 3D Modelling
  • Engineering Design

Teaching Subjects (Undergraduate)

  • ME1090 Engineering Drawing and CAD
  • ME1802 Introduction to Manufacturing Engineering
  • ME1072 Manufacturing Technology
  • ME2023 Manufacturing Engineering I
  • ME2170 Manufacturing Engineering II
  • ME2180 Social / Community Project
  • ME3812 Machine Design Project
  • ME4332 CAD/CAM
  • ME4662 Die & Mould Design
  • ME4390 Advanced Aspects of Manufacturing


Teaching Subjects (Postgraduate)

  • ME5140 Product Design
Teaching Areas:

  1. Manufacturing Engineering
  2. Non Conventional Machining Processes
  3. Computer Aided Draughting & 3D Modelling

Teaching Subjects(Undergraduate)

  1. ME1952 - Engineering Design
  2. ME1962 - Skill Development (CAD)
  3. ME1802 - Introduction to Manufacturing Engineering
  4. ME2122 - Engineering Drawings and Computer Aided Modelling
  5. ME2070 - Manufacturing Processes
  6. ME2022 - Manufacturing Engineering I
  7. ME3072 - Manufacturing Engineering II
  8. ME3050 - Machine Design & Project
  9. ME4330 - CAD/CAM
  10. ME4390 - Advanced Aspects of Manufacturing

Research Activities : 

  • Effect of Air and Chilled Emulsion Minimum Quantity Lubrication in Machining Hard-to-Cut Metals
  • Effect of Alternative Cutting Fluids in Machining Hard-to-Cut Metals

Education and Training : 

  • M.Eng. (Manufacturing Systems Engineering [Moratuwa] 2015
  • B.Sc. Engineering (Hon's) [Moratuwa] 2008

Career : 

Professional Affiliations:

  • AMIESL (Associate member of Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka)

Publications : 

Publications / Conference Proceedings:

[1]   S.W.M.A.I. Senevirathne and H.K.G. Punchihewa, “Effect of Minimum Quantity Lubrication Aerosol Temperature on Surface Roughness in Machining AISI P20 and D2 Steels Using Coated Tungsten Carbide Tool Inserts,” in 2016 STLE Tribology Frontiers Conference, 2016.

[2]   S.W.M.A.I. Senevirathne, H.K.G. Punchihewa, K.N.M.D.S.K. Kosgahakumbura, D.M.P.P. Dissanayaka, and T. Sahathevan, “Tool Wear in Machining AISI D2 Steel with Minimum Quantity Lubrication using Alternative Cutting Fluids,” in Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering Symposium 2016, 2016.
[3]   S.W.M.A.I. Senevirathne and H.K.G. Punchihewa, “Effect of Minimum Quantity Lubrication Aerosol Temperature on Tool Life in Machining AISI P20 and D2 Steels using Coated Tungsten Carbide Tool Inserts,” in Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference (MERCon), 2016, pp. 186–191.
[4]   R.B.A. Gayan, Y. Rameshkanna, R. Ratheesan, S.W.M.A.I. Senevirathne, K.H.J. Mangala, and D.S.V. Bandara, “Process Optimization of Sri Lankan Saucepan Manufacturing Industry by Time Study Analysis,” Annu. Tech. Conf. 2015 IET-YP Sri Lanka, pp. 5–10, 2015.
[5]   S.W.M.A.I. Senevirathne and M.A.R.V. Fernando, “Effect of Cryogenic Cooling on Machining Performance on Hard to Cut Metals - A Literature Review,” in National Engineering Conference 2012, 18TH ERU Symposium, 2012, pp. 38–46.
[6]   S.W.M.A.I. Senevirathne, U.P. Kahangamage, and K.H.J. Mangala, “Development of Die & Mould Making Industry in Sri Lanka through Tripartite Collaboration of University-Industry-Government,” in 15th ERU Symposium, 2009, pp. 186–187.
[7]   S.W.M.A.I. Senevirathne, B.A.V. Piyathilake, B.D.A.S. Perera, P.A.B.A.R. Perera, and M.A.R.V. Fernando, “Investigation & Simulation of Bird Flight Kinematics & Dynamics,” in 14th ERU Symposium, 2008, pp. 105–106.

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