Design and Manufacturing

Designing, Fabricating and Testing of a Coconut Tree Climbing Device

A.K. Dematapitiya, M.P. Dharmadasa, V.R. Fernando, M.A.R.V. Fernando

Labour for climbing coconut trees is getting scarce. Attempts were carried out to replace the man with a robot. But they failed due to many reasons .So there is a need to come up with a safe and effective coconut tree climbing device which is capable of elevating a human along the tree trunk.

Design, development and testing of a low cost underwater exploration vessel

K.W.C.J Jayasinghe, R.A.C.P Ranasinghe, R.M.L.D Rathnayake, W.K Wimalsiri 

Underwater exploration is a major research area around the world and people have understood its importance as much as space exploration. Many universities and oceanographic institutes around the world are carrying out research and development projects on underwater exploration vessels (UEV), but not a single Sri Lankan university / institute in the list. To full fill this void and to introduce a completely new research area to the university, a group of final year students started this project as their final year research project a year ago. This is an extension of the last year UEV (Under Water Exploration) project aimed at overcoming the drawbacks of the previous vessel.

Automation of a manually operated coir dust briquette making machine

P. M. Gunawardena, R. M. P. Pushpakumara, D. M. S. T. PiyasenaShiran A. Nanayakkara

Production of coir dust briquettes for export is a rapidly growing industry in Sri Lanka today. Coir dust briquettes are used for horticulture purposes in the western countries. The export of coir dust briquettes which is a relatively new business in Sri Lanka is also extremely profitable.


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