Control and Automation

Agent based control and protection for smart grids

 AL Kulasekara RARC Gopura, KTMU Hemapala

Legacy electrical infrastructure is failing to provide the reliability and the resiliency towards faults expected by the modern energy intensive society. Implementation of smarter microgrids, are proving to be part of the solution for this. Development of such systems requires distributed intelligence capabilities absent in legacy control systems.

Optimal Design and Control of Multiple Boiler Systems Using Fuzzy-Evolutionary Hybrid Algorithm


A. T. D. Perera,P. Kumarage and K. K. C. K. Perera


New algorithm based on fuzzy evolutionary hybrid techniques is being introduced to obtain optimal design and control of boiler systems.Detailed energy flow and lifecycle cost model was introduced in order to support the optimization. Optimization algorithm was tested for two different load curves and obtained results were discussed.

Controlling of a Trans-humeral Prosthetic Arm in Accordance with Human Motion Intention

W.D.I.G.Dasanayake, R.A.R.C.Gopura, V.P.C.Dassanayake  G.K.I.Mann

Improving the function of prosthetic arms remains a challenge because access to the neural-control information of the arm is lost with the amputation. In order to assist the both lower limb and upper limb amputees, several robotics prosthetic limbs have being developed. However, the existing prosthetic limbs do not meet the requirements of similar human motion generation in accordance with human motion intention. Therefore, there is a necessity of developing a proper control method for a robotic prosthetic limb.


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