Biomedical Engineering

A Robotic Prosthesis for Lower Limb Amputees

K. Sanjeevan, M.A.R. Ahamed, and J.C.W. Edirisooriya

Supervised by Dr. R. A. R. C. Gopura

A robotic lower limb prosthesis is an active device that replaces all or a part of the lower extremity. It provides the amputee the opportunity to perform functional tasks, particularly ambulation (walking), which may not be possible without the limb. The design of the prosthesis is depend on the functional level of the amputee and it is geared toward comfort.

Development of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device

B.K.S.Weerasinghe, B.K.S.Weerasinghe, T.K.M.N. Thotamuna, Hans Gray, Oscar De Silva

Positive-pressure ventilation is used when a patient's spontaneous ventilation is inadequate to maintain life. Positive-pressure ventilators supply air or a mixture of air and oxygen under possitive pressure to the patient's trachea (the airway) through an endotracheal tube (flexible plastic tube that is put in the mouth or nose and then down into the trachea.). The positive pressure causes the gas to flow into the lungs with less effort and also prevent the undesirable contracting in alveoli (The alveoli are tiny air sacs within the lungs where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place.).

Robotic Prosthetic Systems

Prostheses play a significant role on providing the amputees the independency, enabling them to restore the lost body functions caused by their amputation. Recent developments in robotics and bio-medical signal processing has greatly influenced on such kind of assistive technologies to achieve tremendous performance capabilities over the available traditional assistive technologies. Accordingly, the development of the robotic prosthetic systems has become and emerging research interest among the researchers. As a country in its post war era, Sri Lanka also bear a larger community of amputees as victims, as well as the numbers are still increasing due to various reasons.


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