Team SHARK Unveils Formula Student Car for 2016 Competition at Silverstone, UK

Formula Student Competition is the most renowned motorsports competition for mechanical engineering undergraduates and will be held on 14th July 2016 at Silverstone circuit, UK.

Team SHARK, consisting undergraduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of University of Moratuwa started the project to design and manufacture a single seat open-wheel drive in 2013. The journey was tough throughout but Team SHARK successfully finished fabricating the drive and on 7th July the effort of sleepless nights was unveiled in-front of academic staff of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Directors of DIMO, loving parents of Team SHARK members and media partners at DIMO 800 Mercedes-Benz Centre.

Designing and manufacturing a formula car with available facilities was indeed a challenge and successfully finishing the car itself, is a win. Collaboration of DIMO PLC with Department of Mechanical Engineering provided an exceptional platform which resulted the success of the project.

Team SHARK is now ready to roll in Formula Student Competition 2016 at Silverstone circuit for the first time in history. It is the beginning of a next stage with lot of experiences and knowledge.

Department of Mechanical Engineering is proud and wish all the best in representing University of Moratuwa and Sri Lanka in Formula Student 2016, UK.

Members of the TEAM SHARK as follows

  • Atapattu S.H.

  • Edirisinghe E A D S P

  • Herath B.Y.

  • Liyanage D.R.D

  • Mudalige U.I.G

  • Mudugamuwa A.P.

  • Munasinghe M.A.N.I.

  • Semasinghe C.L.

  • Senevirathna N.M.

  • Pragnathilaka A.D.K.H

  • Weerathunga W.A.P.M

  • Wisidagama R.C

  • Withanapathirana W.P.H.K

  • Sandakalum N.B.A.T.

  • Kulatunga J.V.N.L.

  • Kamburugamuwa K.L.A.S.R.

  • Garusinghe J.C.

  • Gunawardana G.A.M.

  • De Alwis W.B.J


TEAM SHARK is supervised by

  • Mr. Sasiranga De Silva, Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Moratuwa.

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