Aeronautical Engineering Stream

Aeronautical Engineering Stream

Aeronautical engineering is associated with creation and maintenance of aircraft which travels inside the earth’s atmosphere. Although the term Aeronautical Engineering is new to Sri Lankan society, it is growing in-line with the country’s expanding air transport sector, as well as the increase in industry-related professionals. Amongst all the courses in engineering, aeronautical engineering is a niche field and is only available in a few reputed universities in the world. Aeronautical engineering has become a highly paid and prestigious career option. Although the salary of most aeronautical engineers depends on their academic excellence and individual skills, the average beginners’ pay in this field is much higher than other engineering fields. Aeronautical engineers have a range of job options available to them in the aviation, aeronautical and defence industries. There is a huge need for aeronautical engineers in airlines, aircraft manufacturing units, air turbine production plants and design development programmes for the aviation industry. In fact, there are immense opportunities for those who wish to work abroad.

The Aeronautical Engineering Stream within the Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) curriculum at University of Moratuwa is equipped with a blend of analytical, computational and experimental skills for a professional career in the aerospace industry. This program combines studies in mechanical engineering with additional specialist study and project work in the aerospace industry.  It is a particularly challenging discipline because of the need for light-weight but highly reliable aircraft. Cutting-edge technology and design are key to this field. The Aeronautical curriculum is closely mapped to the needs and demands of the aerospace industry and general education guidelines. Students will be exposed to a multi-disciplinary programme with courses of study in aircraft design, materials and manufacturing, aircraft structures, aircraft systems, aviation safety, avionics, aerodynamics, aircraft propulsion systems, aviation management and aircraft maintenance. Within that broad base, compulsory and elective modules allow students to tailor particular interests and career goals.

Academic activities are conducted by well experienced; highly qualified multidisciplinary academic staff specialized in aeronautical engineering. Students will expose the state-of-the- art equipment to gain the practical aspect of the field. Further, students are encouraged to participate in local and international Aeronautical Engineering competitions and conferences which are a good platform to showcase and nurture their skills. Field visits to relevant companies and academic institutions will be arranged to enhance the students’ knowledge.  Guest lectures from experience professional will be arranged to share their knowledge and experience with the students.


New Modules of Aeronautical Stream

  • Introduction to Aircraft Engineering

  • Sensors/Actuators and Smart Systems

  • Aerodynamics

  • Turbo machineries and Aircraft Propulsion  

  • Aircraft Materials and Manufacturing

  • Aircraft systems and Maintenance

  • Aircraft Avionics Systems

  • Computational Aerodynamics

  • Flight Control Systems Design

  • Airframe structures and Design

  • Aviation Human Factors & Legislation

Stream Coordinator

Dr. Nirosh Jayaweera



Resource personnel


                  Dr. A.G.T. Sugathapala        Dr. Nirosh Jayaweera          




Dr. R.A.C.P. Ranasinghe       Dr. J.G.A.S. Jayasekara   



 Mr. H.G.W.T. Prabatha  




Labs and Practical Coordinator

 Mr. H.G.W.T. Prabatha





Mr. Hasala Sakvithi


Aeronautical Systems Laboratory


Mr. Hasitha

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